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About Asian Pride

Founded in 2020 by CinemAsia, we are a vibrant and diverse community of LGBTQ+ individuals with a connection to Asia through ethnicity, nationality, heritage, culture or lived experience who recognise the importance of (intersectional) visibility and representation.


We aim to shed light on the unique experiences, (his)stories and achievements of LGBTQ+ Asians in the Netherlands, and in Asia.


We are advocates of Human Rights and LGBTQ+ rights and we are passionate about building strength and building community for LGBTQ+ Asians everywhere.

Let us come together to create a stronger, more diverse, and more visible Asian queer community in the Netherlands, Europe, and beyond!

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at Asian Pride NL is to empower and uplift the Asian queer community in the Netherlands. We strive to provide a platform that fosters representation, visibility, and understanding, creating a sense of belonging and pride. 

We also advocate against discrimination against Asians, and specifically focus on the experience of LGBTQ+ Asians in the Netherlands and inclusion of their stories in the LGBTQ+ community. 


Furthermore, we campaign for the expansion of rights for LGBTQ+ people in Asia.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a vibrant and supportive community where Asian queer individuals in the Netherlands can fully embrace their heritage and identities.


By promoting dialogue, encouraging intersectional understanding, and advocating for equal rights and opportunities, we aspire to shape a future that embraces diversity, promotes inclusivity, and ensures the well-being and success of every member of our community.

"Embracing our heritage, celebrating our diversity, and uniting as one strong community."

Why does this matter? 

Discrimination against Asians
  • Continued discrimination against Asians in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe,  especially post Covid-19. 

  • Compounded difficulties and intersectional discrimination experienced by LGBTQ+ Asians in the Netherlands. 

LGBTQ+ Issues in Asia
  • Same-sex relationships outlawed in at least 20 countries on the Asian Continent. This means that for many, the Netherlands is a place of safety. 
  • Lack of safety, legal recognition and medical care, and unfair targeting by authorities for gender non-conformity.
  • Only 2 countries with same-sex partnership recognition.
  • The tide is turning and there is hope, but there is still a lot of work to be done!

Join us! Support our movement!

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